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We have good news and better news. We tried some new cake mixes recently and they were delicious. That's the good news. The even better news is that these cakes are wheat-free and gluten-free, meaning the millions of Americans who have celiac sprue disease or otherwise have wheat and gluten allergies, can still enjoy a terrific dessert.

The three cake mixes -- dutch chocolate, dark vanilla and golden lemon -- are made by Dowd and Rogers, a small California company whose president, Derek Dowd, is allergic to gluten. The cakes use Italian chestnut flour, rice flour and tapioca flour instead of wheat, and contain no artificial flavorings or preservatives. The result is a moist, dense cake with a finely textured crumb and a sophisticated flavor. In other words, perfect for frosting.


San Francisco Chronicle

New wheat-and gluten-free cake mixes from Sacramento company Dowd and Rogers make great desserts even if you don't have to avoid wheat flour.

The mixes are based on the nutty flavor of imported Italian chestnut flour, along with white rice flour and tapioca flour, and include all the dry ingredients. Just add butter, eggs and water.

The cakes come in three flavors - golden lemon, dark vanilla and dutch chocolate. In an informal Food department tasting, all three drew raves for being moist, with a good texture and clear flavors.


Los Angeles Times

These new cake mixes are geared to people who are gluten-intolerant or allergic to wheat. The mixes are made with a combination of white rice flour, Italian chestnut flour and tapioca flour. They're available in Dutch chocolate, dark vanilla and golden lemon. In a Times Test Kitchen taste the chocolate cake was voted the best for flavor and texture.


Chicago Tribune

Dessert-lovers on restricted diets may want to check out Dowd & Rogers wheat-and gluten-free cake mixes. The mixes use rice flour, Italian chestnut flour and tapioca flour,and come in three flavors: dark vanilla, Dutch chocolate and golden lemon. The crumb was delicate, and the flavor, though a bit different from a traditional cake mix, pleased tasters.


Living Without Magazine

Italian chestnut flour. It's the nutty secret ingredient that provides delicious sweetness to Dowd & Rogers' new line of gourmet cake mixes. The mixes are easy to make - just add a stick of butter and two eggs, and presto! - a great tasting gluten-free cake. Get ready to knock the socks off all your guests - gluten free or not. We tried the Golden Lemon Cake mix (Dark Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate) are also available, and with considerable ease produced a good-sized 9-inch round cake. Split and sandwiched with strawberries and cream - it was a fabulous dessert cake. For a plainer version to accompany tea or coffee, just dust the cake with powdered sugar and allow the lemon oil to take charge of your palate. Perfectly moist, with a slightly unusual color tone, this cake didn't stay on its stand for very long!



Overall we were very impressed with all three cake mixes. They are the best gluten-free cake mixes we have tasted. These cakes are the answer to anyone who does not want to bake from scratch but wants a perfect gluten-free cake. Two thumbs up to the Dowd and Rogers company!

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