What is the difference between your cake mixes and regular cake mixes?
Our unique blend of specialty flours yields more natural flavor than the wheat flour found in regular cake mixes. In essence, our gourmet flour blend combines its natural sweetness and nuttiness with the actual flavorings we add. The result? A more flavorful cake. Our cake mixes also contain no artificial ingredients of any kind. We package the flour blends separate from the organic cane juice so you can substitute or use as little or as much as you like.

Why are Dowd and Rogers cake mixes more costly?
We use unique, specialty flours that cost significantly more than wheat flour. In addition, we import our chestnut flour from Italy because of its superior quality, adding to the overall cost. We also believe in using all natural ingredients, and organic evaporated cane juice. This costs a bit more but is well worth it when it comes to pure flavor. Finally, we custom blend our mixes in small batches to ensure the perfect distribution of our gourmet flour blend in every box of mix.

How shelf stable is chestnut flour?
Because chestnuts have virtually no oils to turn the flour rancid, chestnut flour is shelf stable for 12-18 months.

Does your chestnut flour have a smoky aroma and flavor?
No. Our chestnut flour has a sweet, nutty aroma and flavor because the chestnuts are dried via hot air prior to grinding. Other chestnut flours are dried via wood burning smoke prior to grinding, which gives the flour a smoky aroma and flavor.

Where can I buy your products?
Look for us at your local retailer and if you can't find us... ask for us! Also, you may purchase our products by ordering online from our list of internet retailers.

Are all your products wheat free and gluten free?
Yes. All of our products are wheat free and gluten free. They have been carefully formulated and produced to meet the needs of celiacs. Otherwise, the Dowd in Dowd and Rogers couldn't eat them! Each batch is laboratory tested to be free of gluten to 10 ppm.


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